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History in the Making - Hispanic American History (Kids)

Read one of these non-fiction books to learn more about Hispanic American History

Who was Cesar Chavez? by Rau, Dana Meachen

Presents an account of the life of the Mexican American labor activist who helped organize the migrant farm workers and establish a union to fight for their rights

Cesar Chavez : a leader for change by Charlesworth, Eric

Soldier for equality : José de la Luz Saénz and the Great War by Tonatiuh, Duncan

Describes the life and accomplishments of José de la Luz Sáenz, who helped create the League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest Latino civil rights organization.

When angels sing : the story of rock legend Carlos Santana by Mahin, Michael James

Looks at the life and accomplishments of a rock legend who created a unique sound that fused American blues, rock, and jazz traditions with the sound of Latin American and African music.

Mexico by Blevins, Wiley

Mexico by Sonneborn, Liz

Mexico by Perkins, Chloe

Rosa, a young girl who lives in Mexico, describes the history, geography, food, schools, and cities of the country

Mexico ABCs : a book about the people and places of Mexico by Heiman, Sarah

An alphabetical explanation of the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of Mexico. Includes directions for making crepe paper flowers and "Fun phrases in Spanish."

Mexico by Fontes, Justine

Alpahbetically arranged categories are related to Mexico, including animals, history, religion, and unusual places

The ancient Maya by Maloy, Jackie

Ancient Maya by Green, Sara

"Engaging images accompany information about ancient Maya. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8"--

The Aztec empire by Wyborny, Sheila

Offers an overview of the Aztec culture, discussing the history, daily life, social structure, and religion

Cinco de Mayo by Wade, Mary Dodson

Introduces the Mexican holiday known as Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates a battle for freedom fought in Mexico in 1861, and describes how it is celebrated today

Cinco de Mayo by Berne, Emma Carlson

A song describes how people in Mexico and the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the meaning of the Mexican holiday.

Who was Che Guevara? by Labrecque, Ellen

"Viva la revolucion! Find out how Che Guevara--a doctor turned communist leader and much more than a face on a T-shirt--ended up paying the ultimate price for his cause. His very image has become associated with a spirit of rebellion, but Ernesto Guevara--known around the world simply as Che--didn't dream of becoming a revolutionary. Author Ellen Labrecque takes readers on a journey through Che's life starting with his childhood in Argentina, to his travels through South and Central America as a youngphysician, and ending with his final years as a key player in the Cuban revolution. His legacy--as the author of The Motorcycle Diaries, a champion of the poor, and a force for change in Cuba--is both personal and political"--

Who was Frida Kahlo? by Fabiny, Sarah

"You can always recognize a painting by Kahlo because she is in nearly all--with her black braided hair and colorful Mexican outfits. A brave woman who was an invalid most of her life, she transformed herself into a living work of art. As famous for her self-portraits and haunting imagery as she was for her marriage to another famous artist, Diego Rivera, this strong and courageous painter was inspired by the ancient culture and history of her beloved homeland, Mexico. Her paintings continue to inform and inspire popular culture around the world"--

My shoes and I : crossing three borders by Colato Laínez, René

As a boy and his Papá travel from El Salvador to the United States to be reunited with Mamá, his wonderful new shoes help to distract him from the long and difficult journey.

The Maya by George, Charles

Discusses the history, customs, and daily life of the Mayan people

Tikal : the center of the Maya world by Mann, Elizabeth

A history of the Maya Indians in the city of Tikal, founded in 800 B.C

Maya by Deedrick, Tami

South America by Koponen, Libby

The Yanomami of South America by Tahan, Raya

Describes the customs, housing, and food of the Yanomami; their daily routine; and what is being done to protect the rain forests they live in

Before Columbus : the Americas of 1491 by Mann, Charles C

This study of Native American societies is adapted for younger readers from Charles C. Mann's best-selling 1491. Turning conventional wisdom on its head, the book argues that the people of North and South America lived in enormous cities, raised pyramidshundreds of years before the Egyptians did, engineered corn, and farmed the rainforests

South America by Fowler, Allan

A simple introduction to the geographic features, people, and animals of the continent of South America

South America by Petersen, David

Introduces the geography, history, climate, and culture of South America
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