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Winter Wonderland (Kids)

Curl up with a good book and enjoy these books about winter and snow!

Winter is here by Kevin Henkes

"Snow falls, animals burrow, and children prepare for the wonders winter brings"--

Goodbye autumn, hello winter by Kenard Pak

"In a simple, cheerful conversation with nature, two young children witness how the season changes from autumn to winter"--

William's winter nap by Linda Ashman

"A cozy winter bedtime story, featuring a boy and animal characters, that touches on the concept of hibernation"--

Winter is coming by Tony Johnston

Each day, from September through November, a girl quietly sitting in the woods with her sketchbook glimpses forest animals seeking food in preparation for the onset of winter, from a fox sniffing the last apple to a flock of wild turkeys that finds nothing

Winter by Ailie Busby

Children describe their favorite things to do during the winter, from throwing snowballs to reading bedtime stories snuggled under a blanket.

Winter is for snow by Robert Neubecker

"A brother and sister help each other learn to appreciate the joys of winter"--

Chaucer's first winter by Stephen Krensky

A curious young bear, who does not want to miss the delights of winter, skips his first hibernation to play in the snow, glide on the ice, and admire the glittering rows of icicles and snow-covered pine trees

Snow globe wishes by Erin Dealey

After the worst snowstorm of the year, a young girl wishes on a snow globe that everyone will come out to play and share a dream of peace.

Some snow is . . . by Ellen Yeomans

Illustrations and easy-to-read text celebrate all of the different kinds of snow, from the snow that melts as soon as it hits the ground to packable "Snowman Snow."

A big bed for Little Snow by Grace Lin

When winter comes, Mommy makes a soft bed for Little Snow to sleep on, but each night he cannot resist jumping on the bed, causing tiny feathers to fly down.

The little snowplow wishes for snow by Lora Koehler

"The little snowplow loves his job on the Mighty Mountain Road Crew, but the work he loves best is plowing snow. Throughout the year, he wishes for snow to come, but winter begins without a single flake in sight. As the weeks pass and the little snowplow's birthday approaches, he starts to wonder whether it will snow at all. Will the little snowplow's birthday dreams come true?"--

Snow scene by Richard Jackson

"A playful guessing game set in a snowy landscape"--

Little fox in the snow by Jonathan London

A red fox, driven by hunger and curiosity, explores its world, encountering a mouse, a hare, and a wolverine.

I wish it would snow! by Sarah Dillard

When a small rabbit becomes impatient wishing for the winter season and some snow, he gets much more than expected.

Pablo in the snow by Teri Sloat

"The heartwarming tale of one little lamb's first snowy adventure"--

When the snow falls by Linda Booth Sweeney

"A snowy day includes a journey with Grandma from home in the country to her house in town, sledding, snow angels, and cozy cuddling with Grandpa by the fire"--

In the snow by Elizabeth Spurr

Rhyming captions on pictures present the delights of playing in the snow.

Into the snow by Yuki Kaneko

A small child goes out to play in the snow, making snowballs and sledding before their mother calls them indoors.

Waiting for snow by Marsha Diane Arnold

"Badger cannot wait one more minute for it to snow. When his friend Hedgehog explains that everything comes in its time, Badger is unconvinced and impatient as ever. But Badger's friends have a few tricks up their sleeves to try and get the snow's attention and distract their pal in the meantime"--
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