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Love & Valentine's (Kids)

Love & friendship is in the air with these youth Valentine Day books.

Valentine's Day is cool by Eric Litwin

Believing Valentine's Day is uncool until he realizes how many special cats he knows, Pete the Cat prepares Valentine's Day cards for everyone only to discover that he has forgotten to make a card for the most important cat of all.

The night before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing

In the tradition of "The Night Before Christmas," these rhymes outline the fun of Valentine's Day

Big heart! : a Valentine's Day story by Joan Holub

Young ants are hard at work in their classroom making a big valentine, but then they must decide on the recipient

Love from the crayons by Drew Daywalt

"Ring in Valentine's Day -- and love -- with the [...] Crayons! This charming new title featur[es] everyone's favorite coloring crew. 'Love is yellow and orange. Because love is sunny and warm. Love is purple. Because it's okay to love outside the lines.' This [...] book, featuring all the The Crayons from The Day the Crayons Quit, explores the bright colors and subtle shades of love." --

The mystery valentine by A Newton

Harris and Roxy try to help Zeke the alien over his confusion about Valentine's Day, and to figure out who sent him an anonymous candy-gram.

Chloe. 4, Rainy day by Greg Tessier

Valentine's Day approaches, but since her breakup, Chloe isn't in the mood to celebrate . . . or is she? Then, Chloe visits her grandmother at the seaside and discovers that her childhood friend, Mel, has changed since she last saw him--and not for the better

Mouse loves love by Lauren Thompson

Mouse watches his sister, Minka, gather a collection of craft items and then put them together to make something special.

Llama Llama, be my valentine! by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama and his classmates celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging unique handmade gifts.

Click, clack, moo : I love you! by Doreen Cronin

Little Duck is working hard making valentines for everyone and decorating for the Valentine's Day dance, but what happens when an unexpected guest arrives?

Secret admirer by Ron Roy

"Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose solve a Valentine's Day mystery"--

Oh, Valentine, we've lost our minds! by Dan Gutman

"Prepare for weirdness when Ella Mentry School gets a French foreign exchange student just in time for Valentine's Day!"--

Nancy Clancy, secret admirer by Jane O'Connor

When Nancy Clancy finds out that both her guitar teacher, Andy, and her favorite babysitter, Annie, have broken up with the people they were dating, she decides to make them fall in love on Valentine's Day

Llama Llama I love you by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama celebrates Valentine's Day with his friends and family.

Ellie's lovely idea by Callie Barkley

Valentine's Day is near, and to raise money for a charity called Puppy Love, Ellie persuades the other Critter Club girls to join her in selling and delivering singing telegrams

Mouse and Mole, secret valentine by Wong Herbert Yee

After getting a fluttery feeling while helping Mouse make valentines for each of their friends, Mole sends her a series of notes and gifts, signing them "your secret valentine."

Funny valentine by Rob Scotton

On Valentine's Day, Splat and his friends plan a special surprise for Mrs. Wimpydimple

Too many valentines by Margaret McNamara

When Neil tells his classmates that he does not want any more valentines, especially pink or frilly ones, the class comes up with a good idea

Babymouse. 5 : heartbreaker by Jennifer L Holm

When the school holds a dance for Valentine's Day, Babymouse wonders if she will be asked to go

If you'll be my Valentine by Cynthia Rylant

A little boy gives Valentines out to friends, family, and members of the natural world

Be mine, be mine, sweet valentine by Sarah Weeks

Each animal decides to give their valentine something meaningful to them, with flaps revealing the special gift

The runaway valentine by Tina Casey

Victor, a valentine card eager to be brought home, is overlooked until he marches out of the store and into the street, where he proves helpful to one person after another

Junie B. Jones and the mushy gushy valentime by Barbara Park

When Junie B. Jones receives a mushy gushy "valentime" on Valentine's Day, she tries to find out who in her kindergarten class is her secret admirer

Roses are pink, your feet really stink by Diane De Groat

When Gilbert forges other students' names on some mean valentines, his trick is soon discovered and his classmates are angry.

The secret life of squirrels : a love story by Nancy (Nancy Patricia) Rose

Mr. Peanuts, a most unusual squirrel, is lonely as Valentine's Day nears but he meets Rosie in the bookstore and soon they are nuts about each other.

Love, Splat by Rob Scotton

Splat the cat has a special valentine for a certain someone in his class.
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