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Sharing is Caring! (Kids)

Help your little one learn about sharing, caring, and taking turns with these book selections.

Finding kindness by Deborah Underwood

Illustrations and rhyming text describe acts of kindness and community

LaLa does (not) like to share : a story about sharing by Elliot Riley

LaLa has all the toys but no one to play with until she decides toys and snacks are more fun when they are shared.

Sharing by Linda Beech

Features the sight words "one" and "two."

Disney princess. Sharing & caring by Courtney Carbone

The Disney princesses share with their friends, including Cinderella sharing cupcakes, Snow White sharing cookies, and Jasmine sharing her seat with someone in need.

The jelly donut difference : sharing kindness with the world by Maria Dismondy

Twins Leah and Dexter are always quarreling until the day they are sent to borrow eggs from their lonely neighbor, Ms. Marvis, who tells them about the Polish doughnuts she made when she was younger.

This is MY fort! by Drew Daywalt

Monkey and Cake are normally good friends, but today Cake is building a no-Monkey fort--until Monkey teaches him a lesson about being alone and he realizes that forts (and other things) are much better when they are shared.

That's my carrot! by Il Sung Na

From the acclaimed author-illustrator of A Book of Sleep comes a silly tale about a garden rivalry, a giant carrot and bunnies in construction vehicles! When two rabbits find a giant carrot growing between their yards, they do the only thing that makes sense: they argue over whose carrot it is! One rabbit brings a shovel to dig it out, and the other rabbit brings a spade. Next comes the bulldozers and backhoes and cranes . . . and when the dust settles, the carrot is gone! Now, it will be up to the rabbits to join forces and find the giant carrot, and build a friendship along the way. From beloved creator Il Sung Na comes a story of mischief and one very giant carrot

Will bear share? by Hilary Leung

Bear reveals the things she will and will not share.

Fairness by Julie Murray

Looks at ways to be fair, including sharing toys, taking turns, and playing by the rules.

Peppa Pig. Learning to share

When their little brothers George and Richard refuse to share their toys, it is up to Peppa and Rebecca to teach them the importance of sharing.

Llama Llama time to share by Anna Dewdney

"Llama Llama doesn't want to share his toys with his new neighbors. But when fighting leads to broken toys and tears, Llama learns that it's better to share"--

Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Daniel learns to share

When everyone at the park has a toy car except for Prince Wednesday, Daniel is hesitant to let him play with his, until Dad Tiger educates him about the importance of sharing.

Should I share my ice cream? by Mo Willems

Gerald must decide if he should share his ice cream before it's too late.

Sometimes I share by Harriet Ziefert

A young girl describes how she shares with her younger brother--most of the time

The boy who wouldn't share by Mike Reiss

Edward, unwilling to share his toys with his sister, has a change of heart when she has something he wants

How selfish by Clare Helen Welsh

"One day Dot and Duck find a stick, only Dot thinks it's a sword and Duck thinks it's a flag. When Dot refuses to share the new toy, she goes to any lengths to make sure Duck doesn't try to take it. How will Duck react to such selfish behavior?"--Amazon.com

Pete the Cat's groovy guide to kindness : tips from a cool cat on how to be kind by Kim Dean

A collection of quotes by famous notables, including Henry James, Booker T. Washington, and Judy Blume, echoes Pete the Cat's thoughts on kindness.

Kindness rules! by Eunice Moyle

When his friends are feeling sad, shy, upset, angry, or hurt, Magic the elephant treats everyone with kindness and always makes amends.

Kindness makes us strong by Sophie Beer

"This...board book shows various children as they extend kindness in all kinds of situations: on the playground, at lunchtime, on a bike path, and on a neighborhood street."--

Sharing does not compute by Michael H Slack

Standroid and Dandroid are having a good time playing together until they have a problem sharing a toy car
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