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History in the Making - Jewish History (Kids)

Read one of these nonfiction books to learn more about Jewish history and culture.

Irena Sendler : get to know the World War II rescuer by Judy Greenspan

My survival : a girl on Schindler's list by Rena Finder

"The astonishing true story of a girl who survived the Holocaust thanks to Oskar Schindler, of Schindler's List fame. Rena Finder was only eleven when the Nazis forced her and her family -- along with all the other Jewish families -- into the ghetto in Krakow, Poland. Rena worked as a slave laborer with scarcely any food and watched as friends and family were sent away. Then Rena and her mother ended up working for Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who employed Jewish prisoners in his factory and keptthem fed and healthy. But Rena's nightmares were not over. She and her mother were deported to the concentration camp Auschwitz. With great cunning, it was Schindler who set out to help them escape. Here in her own words is Rena's gripping story of survival, perseverance, tragedy, and hope. Including pictures from Rena's personal collection and from the time period, this unforgettable memoir introduces young readers to an astounding and necessary piece of history"--

Peter's war : a boy's true story of survival in World War II Europe by Deborah Durland DeSaix

Recounts the experiences of a Jewish-German boy during World War II, describing how his family fled Nazi persecution throughout Europe before the capture of his parents forced him to fend for himself during the hardest times of the war.

The promise : the story of two sisters, prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp by Pnina Bat-Zvi

Recounts the true story of Rachel and Toby, two sisters sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp, who promise their parents to look after each other and stay together, no matter what.

Survivors of the holocaust : True Stories of Six Extraordinary Children

"In a time when people were ruthlessly persecuted and killed, some were able to make it through alive. Whether it was thanks to lucky twists of fate or the loving sacrifices of others, they lived to tell their stories, which serve as reminders to never allow such a tragedy to happen again. These are the unbelievable true stories of six children, in their own words, of how they survived one of the darkest times in human history"--

The book rescuer : how a mensch from Massachusetts saved Yiddish literature for generations to come by Sue Macy

Presents the story of the man who founded the National Yiddish Book Center, and describes the worldwide effort he currently leads to collect unwanted Yiddish books and save the Yiddish language from extinction.

Hidden on the mountain : stories of children sheltered from the Nazis in le Chambon by Deborah Durland DeSaix

Relates how Jewish families found a safe haven in a small town in Le Chambon, France, where a community of Protestants, having once been persecuted for their religion, sympathized with their struggle and hid them from the invading Nazis

Anne Frank by Ma Isabel (María Isabel) Sánchez Vegara

Presents information about Anne Frank, including her childhood in Holland, her years in hiding, her death, and her legacy.

Behind the bookcase : Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the hiding place by Barbara Lowell

"Miep Gies, who as a girl was a refugee during World War I, recognized that the world had once again become a dark place. Especially in danger were Jewish people during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, like her boss's family. This is the story of how Miep helped hide the Frank family"-- Provided by publisher.

What was the Holocaust? by Gail Herman

"A thoughtful and age-appropriate introduction to an unimaginable event--the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a genocide on a scale never before seen, with as many as twelve million people killed in Nazi death camps--six million of them Jews. Gail Herman traces the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, whose rabid anti-Semitism led first to humiliating anti-Jewish laws, then to ghettos all over Eastern Europe, and ultimately to the Final Solution. She presents just enough information for an elementary-school audiencein a readable, well-researched book that covers one of the most horrible events in history. Includes a letter from the editor and series creator, Jane O'Connor"--

The Jewish child's first book of why by Alfred J Kolatch

Presents thirty-two questions and answers relating to Jewish holidays and customs

The Holocaust : the origins, events, and remarkable tales of survival by Philip Steele

Color photographs, maps, and historical documents trace the events of the Holocaust, from the roots of Jewish persecution in Europe and the rise of National Socialism to the Final Solution and lasting impact of the Holocaust

Judaism : signs, symbols, and stories by Cath Senker

Introduces the major symbols of Judaism and what they mean; discusses Jewish prayer and worship, both in the synagogue and at home, rites of passage, and religious festivals; and shares folktales, recipes, and crafts from the Jewish tradition

Wonders and miracles : a Passover companion : illustrated with art spanning three thousand years

Presents the steps performed in a traditional Passover Seder, plus stories, songs, poetry, and pictures that celebrate the historical significance of this holiday to Jews all over the world

Alef-Bet : a Hebrew primer by Abraham Shumsky

Uses stories about Jewish traditions, customs, and holidays to teach the Hebrew alphabet and vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on functional reading rather than grammatical structure

Judaism by Katie Marsico

Chance : a memoir by Uri Shulevitz

"The first middle-grade book from a picture book master-a harrowing, heartrending, illustrated account of his childhood escape from the terrors of war"--

Martin & Anne : the kindred spirits of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank by Nancy Churnin

Reflects upon the parallels drawn between the lives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank, both born in 1929, and how their legacies of kindness, love, and peace have changed the world today.
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