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Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr (Kids)

Celebrate Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr with these youth books.

My first Ramadan by Karen Katz

A boy observes the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with his family

Ramadan by Lori Dittmer

"A kindergarten-level introduction to Ramadan, covering the holiday's history, popular traditions, and such defining symbols as the new moon and lanterns"--

Sadiq and the Ramadan gift by Siman Nuurali

As Ramadan nears, Sadiq and his friends form the Money Makers Club to plan a community fundraiser, an iftar, but when Zaza stops participating Sadiq gets upset with him.

Hannah and the Ramadan gift by Qasim Rashid

The debut picture book that celebrates good deeds during the month of Ramadan finds Hannah learning the importance of the holiday by helping her friends and neighbors as well as by showing kindness and generosity, acts that can make the world a better place.

The gift of Ramadan by Alexis York Lumbard

Sophie tries to fast for Ramadan for the first time, but her grumbling stomach and her little brother's cookies are too much and she must find a different way to celebrate.

R is for Ramadan by Greg Paprocki

Presents the letters of the alphabet with elements describing aspects of Ramadan, from C for the crescent moon and F for fasting, to M for mosque and P for prayer.

Ramadan : the holy month of fasting by Ausma Zehanat Khan

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and break the fast together as a family each night. Ramadan provides the opportunity to focus on positive thoughts and actions. It is a time to become more grateful for the blessings people often take for granted and be reminded of the importance of helping others

Ramadan by Hannah Eliot

Introduces the Muslim holiday, discussing the ways in which it is celebrated and why it is important.

Ramadan by Julie Murray

Introduces the Muslim holiday, discussing the ways in which it is celebrated.

What if my kitty fasts in Ramadan by Rabia Gelgi

This book is a fasting journey of a kitty in a warm Muslim house during Ramadan. Kids will learn about Ramadan while enjoy the story of the little kitty. --Amazon

It's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr! by Richard Sebra

Looks at how the Muslim holidays of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr are celebrated.

Mustafa and Arwa go on a Ramadan adventure by Mekram Mohammad

Mustafa and Arwa fon on a Ramadan adventure is an adorable storybook for children of all ages to learn about Ramadan in a fun way! Each page explains Ramadan in a simple way with beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes. Follow Muastafa and Arwa to see what adventure they go on net! Never has learning about islam been so fun!

Hassan and Aneesa love Ramadan by Yasmeen Rahim

Hassan and Aneesa particpate in Ramadan by sharing food with neighbors, reading the Qu'ran, charity, and fasting.

It's Ramadan, Curious George by H Rey

Curious George celebrates Ramadan with his friend Kareem by sampling special treats, making baskets to donate to the needy, and searching for the crescent moon

Let's celebrate Ramadan & Eid by Ajanta Chakraborty; Vivek Kumar

Once upon a Ramadan by D Hockey

Lia, Jaden, and Elle are siblings with silly stuffed animals who are very much a part of the family. In this story they are excited for their holiday to begin. Lia, the oldest, tells the others about the Ramadan fun during the month-long holiday. They bake cookies and Monkey, Puppy, and Fox get very messy and need a bath. They collect presents to give to children in need and Puppy falls asleep in the bag! Lia tells Jaden that the Ramadan gift bags grow during the month and his imagination makes them all giggle. In the end Lia worries that she will not find the right Ramadan gift for her parents and her mother tells her that she has already given them the best gift

Under the Ramadan moon by Sylvia Whitman

Simple text and illustrations describe how an American Muslim family observes the holy month of Ramadan.

Rashad's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr by Lisa Bullard

A party in Ramadan by Asma Mobin-Uddin

Uses the story of Leena, an American Muslim girl who attends a friend's birthday party, but does not eat or drink because it takes place during the fast of Ramadan, to illustrate the meaning of the fast to Muslims, and provides additional information

Ramadan moon by Na'íma bint Robert

Celebrates Ramadan and Eid, marking the fasting, good deeds, prayer, and gatherings of the month-long holiday with the changing phases of the moon

The white nights of Ramadan by Maha Addasi

Celebrate Ramadan & Eid al-fitr by Deborah Heiligman

Describes what Ramadan is, how Muslims celebrate this month-long holiday, and how it ends with the celebratory festival of Eid al-Fitr

Ramadan by Kieran Walsh

Describes the traditions and festivities of the Muslim holiday Ramadan

Ramadan by Suhaib Hamid Ghazi

Describes the celebration of the month of Ramadan by an Islamic family and discusses the meaning and importance of this holiday in the Islamic religion

Lailah's lunchbox : a Ramadan story by Reem Faruqi

Now that she is ten, Lailah is delighted that she can fast during the month of Ramadan like her family and her friends in Abu Dhabi, but finding a way to explain to her teacher and classmates in Atlanta is a challenge until she gets some good advice fromthe librarian, Mrs. Scrabble.

Moon watchers : Shirin's Ramadan miracle by Reza Jalali

Nine-year-old Shirin wants to join her family and other Muslims in fasting for Ramadan but is told she is too young, and so she seeks other ways to participate including, perhaps, getting along better with her older brother, Ali.

The jinni on the roof : a Ramadan story by Natasha Rafi

"Raza is too young to fast during Ramadan, but he longs for the delicious parathas the grown-ups eat before dawn. The aroma of the flaky, golden bread tempts him. He cannot wait for the children's breakfast, but he'll get into trouble if anyone finds him up so early. Lying in bed, Raza hatches a plan. Will he get away with it?"--P. [4] of cover

First time fasting by Elizabeth Lymer

The night of the moon : A Muslim Holiday Story by Hena Khan

Yasmeen has a wonderful time celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with her family and friends
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