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New Holiday (Movies)

Get into the holiday spirt with these new additions to the Library's DVD collection.

Sense, sensibility & snowmen.

The film centers on Christmas enthusiast party planners Ella and her sister, Marianne, who clash with their client, Edward, who is a not-so-jolly toy company CEO

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As mayors of neighboring New Hampshire towns, longtime rivals Liam and Sarah are determined to best each other on their way to leading their hamlets to victory in the annual statewide 'Christmas Spirit Competition.' When both towns unexpectedly advance to the contest₂s final round, the mayors decide their best hope lies in working with, rather than against, each other. As they collaborate on a celebration showing what Christmas means to their communities, they discover their holiday miracle

Christmas at the plaza

With Christmas approaching in New York City, Jessica, an archival historian enmeshed in a declining romantic relationship, is hired to create an exhibition honoring the history of Christmas at The Plaza Hotel. There, she meets Nick, a handsome decorator who's been commissioned to deck out the iconic landmark. When they're paired together to prepare the exhibition, they wind up enjoying a host of holiday traditions together and find themselves falling for each other

A shoe addict's Christmas

"As another Christmas approaches, Noelle is at a crossroads in her life. When she accidentally gets locked in a department store on Christmas Eve, she meets a quirky woman claiming to be her guardian angel. Soon, Noelle finds herself revisiting Christmases past, present and future as she works with her new neighbor to plan the annual Charity Gala. Will visiting the holidays of yesterday and tomorrow help her take new chances and discover the true spirit of Christmas?" --container

Pride, prejudice, and mistletoe

"Darcy has always worked hard to prove herself and be successful on her own terms. Returning to her hometown for Christmas, Darcy reconnects with an old rival, restaurant owner Luke, and they are forced to plan a charity event together. As Darcy spends time with her family and LUke, she starts to realize what matters most in life and sets out to mend her relationship with her father, and possibly fall in love." --container

A Christmas duet

Well-loved music duo Averie and Jesse, famous for their duet "Wouldn't Be Christmas," haven't played together since they went their separate ways years ago. Averie gave up music and opened a beautiful lodge in a snowy Vermont town, while Jesse still tours, struggling to find the same kind of success they had as a duo. When fate brings them together over the holidays at Averie's lodge just in time for the annual Yuletide Festival, can the magic of Christmas help reunite them once again?

Christmas in Evergreen : Letters to Santa

Lisa Palmer finds herself the owner of a former post office, which has been sitting vacant for this past few years. In hopes of saving the historically magical place in town, she and the towns cast of characters set out to restore it to its former glory. In the process, they find the town's beloved 'Mailbox to Santa' with a letter inside that never made it out (assuming to the North Pole)

Christmas in Evergreen. Tidings of joy

As the town searches for a rumored Christmas Time Capsule, a skeptical writer arrives in Evergreen to get the story on the town's ₁too-good-to-be-true₂ Christmas-fever

A Christmas miracle

Ever-optimistic single mom Emma Sanderson is looking for a Christmas miracle to write about for the lifestyle magazine at which she has landed a temporary job. While following her lead on the story, Emma discovers unexpected romance with a supportive colleague and takes it upon herself to bring about a Christmas miracle for a lonely street musician

Christmas in Carolina

After losing her parents in a car accident, Elle, a career driven investment banker has given up on love and Christmas until she meets Wesley, a former NBA player and CEO of a small marketing firm. Wesley invites Elle to his hometown in South Carolina, with hesitation she accepts and is thrown for a loop where she falls in love and finds the spirit of Christmas again

Hip Hop Holiday

Larger than life hip hop diva, Leesa J, rekindles an old friendship over Christmas, and her walk down memory lane forces her to reexamine her life, her habits and the real reason for the holiday season

A Holiday Change

A story about forgiving, changing and most of all sharing the true meaning of love that the holiday season brings

A new Christmas

A year after losing his mother, Kabir is dreading Christmastime in New York. When he meets a charming woman from Kenya who loves Christmas, Kabir rediscovers the magic of the holidays and begins putting his life back together

Snowbound for Christmas

When a successful CEO becomes trapped with his executive assistant by a snowstorm at Christmastime, he can no longer deny his true feelings for her

Throwback holiday

Christmas is a magical time, but for Jacqueline Anderson, the magic of Christmas is about to turn her life upside down. After a chance encounter with a handsome former classmate, Jacqueline rethinks her life. For a fleeting moment, she wishes to go back to high school for a do-over,and she gets her wish!

The Christmas club

"Two busy strangers, Olivia Bennett and Edward Taylor meet when they help an elderly woman find her lost Christmas savings. Thanks to fate and Christmas magic, they also find something they were both missing: true love."--container

Lucy shimmers and the prince of peace

Second chances start when a hardened criminal crosses paths with a precocious little girl who is helped by an angel to change hearts during the holiday season

Picture a perfect Christmas

The movie centers around a photographer who returns home for the holiday to look after her grandmother and ends up lending a helping hand to a neighbor who needs assistance watching his nephew

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

Hotel manager Willow returns to her stunning Virginia hometown to help her sister plan a Christmas wedding at the inn her family once owned. She must work with current owner and single dad David, who wants to let go of the past

A very country Christmas homecoming

When Zane and Jeannette return from their honeymoon ready to celebrate Christmas, they find an unexpected guest waiting for them throwing a wrench into their plans. And when the paparazzi get involved, things get even more complicated. Their first family Christmas is already full of surprises

Our Christmas love song

A country singer returns home for Christmas and meets her ex-boyfriend

Holiday for heroes

After a soldier exchanges letters with a woman for a year, he comes home for Christmas and they face challenges to their real-life relationship

Entertaining Christmas

Being the daughter of a television personality known for perfection would be hard on anyone, for Candace (Jodie Sweetin) it feels impossible. As her mother grooms her to take over the business, she reluctantly admits she doesn't have the same touch. But when a young girl reaches out asking to help welcome her deployed father home for Christmas, Candace is given the chance to prove she really is the right person for the job

A Christmas recipe for romance

An inn owner decides to enter a cooking contest, but she is a horrible cook. She recruits a chef but the kitchen isn2t the only thing heating up

Christmas in Montana

Just before Christmas, Sara travels to Montana to help Travis save his ranch

A Gingerbread Romance

With Christmas just weeks away, the architecture firm Taylor works for enters her in a contest in which the teams will design and build life-sized gingerbread houses. But when their backer backs out, Taylor stumbles into a local bakery and meets Adam, a baker, and single dad. In the act of desperation, Taylor convinces Adam to partner with her for the contest, arguing that winning would give the bakery and his designs much-needed exposure

A Christmas hero

When a young war vet returns home from Afghanistan, he struggles to find joy in the life he once knew. As he comes close to giving up all hope, his guardian angel pays a visit to show him there's more meaning to his life than he's ever known
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