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Young Chefs (Kids)

Do your kids love to help out in the kitchen? Check out these great cookbooks for recipes to make together!

The big, fun kids baking book

An ultimate baking primer for beginners, written by the editors of the top-selling food magazine, shares more than 100 photographed recipes for everyday and special-occasion cakes, brownies and other baked favorites while providing fun ideas for customizations and alternatives to cakes.

American girl sweet & savory treats cookbook : delicious recipes inspired by your favorite characters

"With a repertoire of 50+ recipes inspired by the unique stories of 17 favorite American Girl characters, this beautiful cookbook invites young chefs to develop basic kitchen skills while preparing sweet and savory sharable treats"--

The unofficial Hogwarts cookbook for kids : 50 magically simple, spellbinding recipes for young witches & wizards by Alana Al-Hatlani

"Perfect for any young fan of Harry Potter, The Unofficial Hogwarts Cookbook for Kids will have aspiring witches and wizards brewing potions, baking stellar treats, and cooking creative dishes in no time. With easy step-by-step instructions and spellbinding full-color photographs, this cookbook is sure to become a kitchen favorite"--

Adventurous eats by Katrina Jorgensen

"Looking for new recipes that will challenge those blossoming cooks? Adventurous Eats will push developing cooks to the next level of kitchen creativity. Try a new flavor combination or a cuisine from across the globe. These recipes are both tasty and tempting!"--

Campfire cooking : wild eats for outdoor adventures by B Hoena

Provides an introduction to camp cooking, both on a camp stove and over a campfire, including recipes, safety information, and tips and tricks for delicious meals

Cooking With Mother Goose : Nursery Rhymes and the Recipes They Inspire by Lacey J Mauritz

Omari McQueen's best bites cookbook by Omari McQueen

Learn how to make over 35 plant-based recipes, from pizza to pasta, snacks to smoothies. This easy-to-use cookbook is filled to the brim with delicious natural treats created by the award-winning chef! In this book, Omari shares his favorite plant-based dishes in this fun and accessible recipe guide designed to encourage the next generation of vegan cooks

A summer treasury of recipes, crafts, and wisdom by Angela Ferraro-Fanning

"Little Homesteader: A Summer Treasury of Recipes, Crafts, and Wisdom offers nature-based crafts, bakes and gardening projects in a celebration of self-sufficient, eco-friendly, homestead-style life"--

Flipping out for pancakes by Julie Knutson

"Explore all the aspects of your favorite food: pancakes! From the first known plating, to the creative and wacky flavors across cultures and history, this book traces the transformations of the pancakes we have today. Also includes a recipe, so readers can create their own, unique riff on a pancake. Whether you call them flapjacks or crepes, there's no denying that pancakes are great! Aligned to curriculum standards, text highlights key 21st Century content including Global Awareness and Economics. Booksin this series include table of contents, glossary of key words, index, author biography, and sidebars"--

Cook it! : the Dr. Seuss cookbook for kid chefs by Daniel Gercke

"A cookbook featuring simple, healthy recipes inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss, written for children and adults to use together"--

Kids cooking : students prepare and eat foods from around the world by George Ancona

A classroom of children learn how to cook healthy foods from all over the world, including chermoula from Morocco, fried rice from China, minestrone from Italy, and tamales from Mexico.

Cooking is cool : heat-free recipes for kids to cook by Marianne E Dambra

"Help children experience the many benefits and joys of cooking--all without entering the kitchen or using the stove or oven. Heat-free, classroom-friendly recipes are included, each designed so that children can help prepare healthy appetizers and dips,beverages, snacks and treats, and sandwiches and salads as they explore new foods, build math and literacy skills, and learn about nutrition." --

The cooking of Italy by Matthew Locricchio

Introduces the different culinary regions of Italy through recipes adapted for young chefs and discusses the basics of food handling and kitchen safety

Cooking the Lebanese way : revised and expanded to include new low-fat and vegetarian recipes by Suad Amari

An introduction to the cooking of Lebanon featuring such traditional recipes as kabobs, hummus, chard and yogurt soup, and bulgar pilaf. Also includes information on the history, geography, customs and people of this Middle Eastern country

Cooking the Mexican way : revised and expanded to include new low-fat and vegetarian recipes by Rosa Coronado

Introduces the fundamentals of Mexican cooking, including special ingredients for such dishes as enchiladas, nachos, tacos, and guacamole

American Girl cooking

Shares recipes with young, beginner cooks, including chicken noodle soup, teriyaki chicken and vegetables, and cheesy garlic bread

ChopChop : the kids' guide to cooking real food with your family by Sally Sampson

Provides simple instructions for healthy and delicious meals that can be prepared together by family members of every age, including recipes for French toast, frittatas, curried tofu fingers, frozen yogurt, and mango lassis

The big, fun kids cookbook : Food Network Magazine 150+ Recipes for Young Chefs

Offers more than one hundred fifty recipes for breakfast. lunch, and dinner dishes, snacks, desserts, and cakes made to look like other foods, with cooking tips and information about foods.

My very first cookbook : joyful recipes to make together! by Danielle Kartes

"Watching mom or dad in the kitchen is usually a child's first introduction to cooking. And when that inevitable question pops up ("Can I help?"), now you can say, "Yes!" These delightful and delicious kid-friendly recipes are the perfect introduction tocooking for little chefs just starting out. Step-by-step instructions are written directly to the child reader with clear indications for when they need a grown-up's assistance"--

The complete diy cookbook for young chefs : 100+ Simple Recipes for Making Absolutely Everything from Scratch by author America's Test Kitchen (Firm)

"A PDF of the full galley has been attached for reference"--

Bake like a pro! by Falynn Koch

Uses a story in graphic-novel format about a group of friends who love to bake to provide step-by-step instructions for how to use the right kitchen tools, follow a recipe, combine ingredients, understand the chemistry of cooking, and use the oven.

Chemistry you can chomp by Jessie Alkire

"Do you like learning about atoms, molecules, and other matter? Do you like to cook? Then Chemistry You Can Chomp is the right book for you! Learn about what chemists do and what they have discovered. Then explore chemistry further by making delicious snacks. Check out the entire Super Simple Science You Can Snack On series for more tasty STEM fun!--

Dinner recipe queen by Gail Green

Adventures in veggieland : help your kids learn to love vegetables : with 100 easy activities and recipes by Melanie Potock

Plant, cook, eat! : a children's cookbook by Joe Archer

Explains how to plant seeds, harvest fruits and vegetables, determine which plant parts are edible, spot pests in the garden, and use crops to cook--from bean and bacon spaghetti to polenta chips to tomato, feta, and basil pizza.

The complete cookbook for young chefs

Shares recipes for young cooks of all skill levels, including options for breakfasts, snacks, beverages, dinners, and desserts, along with step-by-step photographs of tips and techniques.

The gross cookbook : Awesome Recipes for (Deceptively) Disgusting Treats Kids Can Make by Susanna Tee

Presents a collection of deceptively disgusting recipes that are actually edible, including frog eggs made from chia seeds and a baked human hand made of pork, while highlighting real-life gross foods eaten around the world.

The lemonade stand cookbook : step-by-step recipes and crafts for kids to make--and sell! by Kathy Strahs

Offers advice on starting a lemonade stand, featuring recipes for beverages and snacks to sell as well as packaging and craft ideas.

The ultimate Dreamworks cookbook : 38 Great Recipes by Cindy A Littlefield

Presents recipes inspired by characters from Dreamworks animated films, including such offerings as Po's awesome pancakes, Hiccup's heroic BLT, and Puss In Boots' purr-fect tuna pasta.
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