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Keep Calm and Read (Kids)

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or just want to relax more, try one of these books!

Meditation for kids : 40 activities to manage emotions, ease anxiety, and stay focused. by Tejal Patel

Meditation is great for dealing with tough feelings―even for kids! It doesn’t matter if your child is upset and needs to take a minute to calm down or you just want them to be a bit more focused, Meditation for Kids has the perfect exercise to help them out

Meditation is an open sky : mindfulness for kids by Whitney Stewart

"Feeling mindful is feeling good! You know when you're having a bad day, you have that wobbly feeling inside and nothing seems to go right? Find a quiet place, sit down, and meditate! In this daily companion, kids of any age will learn simple exercises tohelp manage stress and emotions, find focus, and face challenges. They'll discover how to feel safe when scared, relax when anxious, spread kindness, and calm anger when frustrated. Simple, secular, and mainstream, this mindfulness book is an excellent tool for helping kids deal with the stresses of everyday life"--

Already a butterfly : a meditation story by Julia Alvarez

A too busy butterfly who spends her day hurrying and worrying finds her own "quiet place" after learning about meditation and mindfulness from a flower bud.

Just breathe : meditation, mindfulness, movement, and more by Mallika Chopra

A meditation guide for teens offers specific mindfulness exercises to help deal with day-to-day challenges and includes tips to lead a happier, healthier, and more connected life.

Bee still : an invitation to meditation by Frank J Sileo

Illustrations and rhyming text tell of Bentley, a bee from a busy, crowded, and noisy hive who teaches others to meditate in order to handle stress. Includes note for parents.

Matthew meditates by Ameshia Arthur

Join Matthew as he finds fun, adventure, and balance

Meditate with me : a step-by-step mindfulness journey by Mariam Gates

"This accessible and fun guide to meditation and mindfulness is the perfect introduction for young children Meditation does a body good, and can even help kids as young as four or five. This practical guide is gentle, clear, and a pleasure to use. Kids will learn how to focus on their breath, on the sensations in their body, and on the sounds around them to help them relax, settle their busy minds, and understand their emotions. Illustrated with cheerful drawings of five animal friends, the book offers step-by-step directions and a repeating refrain: "Breathe in, and fill your whole body. Breathe out, and relax your whole body." It's an invigorating first experience of mindfulness that can be shared by parents and children at home, or by teachers andstudents in the classroom"--

Yoga whale : simple poses for little ones by Sarah Jane Hinder

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text introduce basic yoga poses for young readers, likening them to a puffer fish, seahorse, jellyfish, and dolphin.

My first yoga class by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

"Young readers can learn all about what happens at yoga class in this Pre-level 1 Ready-to-Read with sweet text and photographs of yogis-in-training! It's the first day of yoga class in this early reader by Biscuit creator Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Roll out your yoga mat! What will it be like? Yoga students stand on sticky mats and learn poses with animal names like "downward dog" and "lion pose." Young readers will love seeing kids their age practicing yoga in this adorable introduction to the sport! Includes a special section of step-by-step instructions for basic yoga poses--to be done with a parent or guardian's supervision"--

Good morning yoga : a pose-by-pose wake-up story by Mariam Gates

Invites young readers to practice a morning yoga routine to jumpstart the day and shows them how to focus, relax, self-monitor, and self-soothe.

Sleepy little yoga : a toddler's sleepy book of yoga by Rebecca Whitford

Bee calm : the buzz on yoga by Frank J Sileo

Illustrations and rhyming text tell of Bentley the bee who, while buzzing around the garden, sees his friends in strange positions and learns why each practices yoga. Includes note for parents.

Master of mindfulness : how to be your own superhero in times of stress by Laurie M Grossman

A smart girl's guide, worry : how to feel less stressed and have more fun by Judith Woodburn

Crafting calm : art and activities for mindful kids by Megan Borgert-Spaniol

"In Crafting Calm : Art and Activities for Mindful Kids, kids engage in and practice mindfulness through fun and easy exercises, crafts, and activities, with the goal of learning a deeper sense of calm, peace, joy, and connection to the world around them,all while improving emotional intelligence, boosting self-esteem, and reducing anxiety"--

My thoughts are clouds : poems for mindfulness by Georgia Heard

Presents a poetic guide that counsels children on how to help manage the symptoms of such challenges as ADHD and anxiety through a healthy meditation practice.
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