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Time for Bed (Kids)

Bedtime is a great time for families to read together. Get a good night's sleep after reading one of these bedtime favorites.

Pete the Cat 5-minute bedtime stories : Includes 12 Cozy Stories! by Eric Litwin

Collects twelve stories featuring Pete the Cat doing such things as visiting the library, planning a bake sale, and finding a treasure map.

Everybunny dream! by Ellie Sandall

After a busy day, young rabbits put on pajamas, brush their teeth, trim their claws, snuggle into bed--and find a surprise.

Nighttime symphony by 1972- author Timbaland

"As a little boy gets ready for bed, the sounds of a wild storm echo around him, lulling him to sleep. From the crash of thunder to the pitter-patter of raindrops to the beat of passing cars, the music of the city creates a cozy bedtime soundtrack"--

Salsa lullaby by Jen Arena

"Parents put their young child to sleep with the help of some music and dancing"--

How do you say good night? by Cindy Jin

Describes how children around the world say "good night," in such countries as Mexico, Singapore, Cameroon, Kenya, and South Korea.

Baby Shark. Bedtime for Baby Shark : doo doo doo doo doo doo

"...[a] silly illustrated story of a shark family's bedtime routine..." --

Tomorrow most likely by Dave Eggers

Told in rhyme, a little boy, tucked into his bed, thinks of all the wonderful and ordinary things he will see and do tomorrow.

Llama, llama red pajama by Anna Dewdney

At bedtime, a little llama worries after his mother puts him to bed and goes downstairs.

Bedtime for Little Bulldozer by Elise Broach

A young bulldozer struggles to fall asleep.

Good night, Bunny by Lauren Thompson

Bunny says goodnight to flowers, animals, and family before snuggling into bed.

How do Dinosaurs say good night? by Jane Yolen

Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say goodnight, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss

Sleepy Bird by Jeremy Tankard

Bird wants to play, but all his animal friends tell him that it is bedtime, and only when they tuck him in and sing a lullaby does he finally fall asleep--briefly.

Sleepy, the goodnight buddy by Drew Daywalt

"When a boy who routinely refuses to go to bed gets a talkative stuffed animal, the tables are turned!"--

Good night, Forest by Denise Brennan-Nelson

Illustrations and simple text provide a greeting to Forest's plants, animals, sunshine, and waters, then bids them all good night.

Sleep, my bunny by Rosemary Wells

A little bunny goes through his bedtime routine tidying up, taking a bath, and reading a story.

Princess bedtime stories

Collects four stories of princesses at night, including Ariel discovering fireflies, Pocahontas protecting her village from a storm, Belle identifying the constellations, and Cinderella putting her mice friends to bed.

Sweet dreams, Supergirl by Michael Dahl

A young girl prepares for bedtime in order to rest up and be the best hero she can be tomorrow.

The big bed by Bunmi Laditan

A young girl tries to persuade her father that he is the one who should sleep in a special, little bed while she shares the big bed with Mommy.

Will you help me fall asleep? by Anna Kang

"Tomorrow is the annual boat race and Monty needs as much energy as possible to make sure he crosses the finish line first. He tried closing his eyes, counting sheep, and reading a book, but nothing will help him fall asleep. In this interactive follow-up to Can I Tell You a Secret?, Monty the frog asks for your help once again. This time he is struggling to go to sleep before a very big day. Both relatable and fun for children and parents, this adorable picture book is perfect for naptime, bedtime, or anytime!"--Amazon.com

I sleep in a big bed by Maria Van Lieshout

A child who used to sleep in a crib celebrates graduating to sleep in a big kids' bed--even though waking up there in the middle of the night can be a little scary.

Bear can't sleep by Karma Wilson

"It's time for Bear to hibernate but he can't sleep, so his friends all band together to help"--

Goodnight, numbers! by Danica McKellar

Illustrations and simple text help the reader understand the numbers one to ten and recognize them as they appear all around us, especially at bedtime. Includes note to parents.

Mama's kisses by Kate McMullan

"A mother panda bear, elephant, leopard and orangutan follow their rambunctious little ones through the jungle as they try to corral them for bedtime"--

Goodnight moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight to each of the objects in the great green room: goodnight chairs, goodnight comb, goodnight air
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