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Art Inside Out (Kids)

Help your child develop and appreciation and understanding of art.

How to be an art rebel by Ben Street

An anarchic introduction to art for young rebels everywhere. This irreverent introduction to art gives children the confidence to respond to art on their own terms, and - most importantly - to have fun with it. Under the playful guidance of Leo, the museum cat, readers encounter abstract, Surrealist, nude and contemporary art, ancient sculpture, still lifes and portraits. But instead of being told facts to memorize, they're equipped with the knowledge that allows them to come up with their own interpretations of famous art works. Knowing how symbols work, they'll decipher clues in Frida Kahlo's self-portrait; understanding Surrealism, they'll decide for themselves what Joan Miró's abstract doodles are all about. This book shows that art isn't about knowing the right answers - it's about having fun, making up your own mind and seeing things from a different angle

Lost in the Museum : a seek-and-find adventure in the Met by Will Mabbitt

When 7-year-old Stevie gets lost in the galleries of the Met, she must locate a series of artworks to find her way out and back to her family, in this beautifully illustrated seek-and-find adventure

What adults don't know about art : inspiring young minds to love and enjoy art

A fresh perspective on a guide to art for children, exploring its import and meaning through artworks from around the world. Children are often told that art matters―but the truth is that very often it’s hard to know why it really does. Museum visits can feel like a chore as does having to learn the names of the big artists we’re all meant to love (but perhaps don’t quite in the way we’re supposed to). This is a huge pity because―grasped the right way―art has a deep capacity to improve our lives and offer us a sense of joy and mental well-being. Here is a guide to art for children with a difference: in a tone that’s kindly, informative, unstuffy, and at times rightly irreverent, this book explains how art can fit into our lives. We learn where the impulse to make art comes from, what art to look at in certain moods, how to go around a museum without getting bored, and why―without even realizing it―we all become experts in art by decorating our first bedrooms. This is an innovative guide to the importance of art, written in a way that will enchant children and, along the way, teach their favorite adults one or two vital things as well

Goodnight, Starry Night : Peek-a-boo Art by Julie Appel

"Say goodnight and celebrate art in this creative peek through format! Ignite an early love of art and send little ones gently off to sleep as you whisper, Peek-a-Boo Art! Includes work from: Vincent van Gogh, Diego Rivera, Berthe Morisot, and more!"--Page 4 of cover

A journey through art : a global history by Aaron Rosen

A Journey Through Art is a global history of art with a time- travel twist, taking young readers on a expedition from the Paleolithic period to the present day, voyaging to thirty locations around the world. As readers travel from one incredible destination to the next, they discover the amazing network of caves carved into the rock in AD 500 at Ajanta, India; Cambodia s Angkor Wat as it stood in AD 1200; the glories of Renaissance Florence in AD 1500; and the remarkable energy of New York in the 1950s

Art and how it works : an introduction to art for children by Ann Kay

Explores the history of art, including prehistoric paintings, impressionism, and abstract art

If da Vinci painted a dinosaur by Amy Newbold

Amy Newbold writes on nineteen artists' styles while Greg Newbold illustrates the different artists such as Edgar Degas' dinosaur ballerinas, Cassius Coolidge's dinosaurs playing Go Fish, and Hokusai's dinosaurs surfing a giant wave

If Picasso painted a snowman by Amy Newbold

Introduces a variety of nineteenth and twentieth century painters--including Picasso, O'Keefe, Seurat, and Jacob Lawrence--and their distinctive styles, through paintings of snowmen as each artist might have portrayed them.

Fine art adventures : 36 creative, hands-on projects inspired by classic masterpieces by Maja Pitamic

The story of paintings : a history of art for children by Mick Manning

Showcases thirty-nine paintings, along with a profile of the artist and prompts that encourage young readers to ask questions and spot details.

Why is art full of naked people? : & other vital questions about art by Susie Hodge

Presents facts about art from cave paintings through to contemporary art, and answers questions about the role and value of art in the past and today.

Are you an art sleuth? : look, discover, learn! by Brooke DiGiovanni Evans

Invites readers to closely inspect twenty-one famous paintings and includes lists of small details to find in each.

Vincent's starry night and other stories : a children's history of art by Michael Bird

Presents a history of world art from cave paintings to present day through seventy tales about artists and the way they created their work

A child's introduction of art : the world's greatest paintings and sculptures by Heather Alexander

Explores the world of art and artists, including Michelangelo, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent Van Gogh, and features do-it-yourself art projects.

Get into art : animals by Susie Brooks

Introduces readers to works of art featuring animals by such esteemed artists as M.C. Escher, Andy Warhol, Georges Braque, and Henri Matisse, and provides instruction for animal-centered art projects

Art treasury by Rosie Dickins

Introduces twenty-two famous art works from around the world, along with instructions for art projects that can be done in the style of each artist

Katie's Sunday afternoon by James Mayhew

On a hot day, Katie and her grandmother visit the art museum, where Katie climbs into the paintings of pointillist artists Seurat, Pissarro, and Signac. Includes information about pointillism.

Cave paintings to Picasso : the inside scoop on 50 art masterpieces by Henry M Sayre

Introduces fifty celebrated works of art, including King Tut's sarcophagus and Andy Warhol's paintings of Campbell's soup cans, with historical and interpretive information for each piece

Art up close : from ancient to modern by Claire D'Harcourt

Invites the reader to search for tiny details hidden in famous works of art, providing information about each painting, the techniques used to create them, and how the artists and movements helped art to develop through the ages. Answer key features lift-up flaps

Katie and the sunflowers by James Mayhew

While visiting the art museum, Katie has an adventure stepping in and out of five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne. Includes information about Post-impressionism and the particular paintings and artists in the story

What's in the picture? : a search-and-find book by Susie Brooks

"Take a closer look at over 20 famous paintings"--Cover

Look closer : art masterpieces through the ages by Caroline Desnoëttes

Blue : a drawing book inspired by art by Valentina Zucchi

Black : a drawing book inspired by art by Valentina Zucchi

History of Western art in comics : from prehistory...to the Renaissance! by Marion Augustin

"As two kids give their grandpa a tour of Paris, he starts an interesting conversation with them - about where all the art they see in their lives started"--

A history of pictures for children : from cave paintings to computer drawings by David Hockney

Argues that pictures are the only way people can give an account of what they see, and provides the history of pictures no matter how they are created.

The arts : a visual encyclopedia

An introduction to the arts provides readers with an overview of the major works and players of painting, sculpture, photography, dance and music.

Pop art by Emilie Dufresne

"Andy Warhol's Cambell's soup cans and bananas grace t-shirts, handbags, and posters all over the world. Roy Lichtenstein's . . . style has influenced . . . artists of all kinds. This is pop art! One of . . . art movements in history, the techniques and personalities of artists will engage readers from their first look. A . . . gallery worker guides readers through the specifics of pop art as well as what an art gallery is. Activities invite readers to try out . . . pop artists' techniques for themselves"--Provided by publisher

The history of Western art in comics. From the Renaissance...to modern art! by Marion Augustin

"In this informative graphic novel sequel, two kids and their grandpa continue their adventurous guided exploration of art and civilization beginning with the Renaissance and moving forward into modern art"--
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