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New Graphic Novels (Kids)

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Groundbreaking scientists by Adam Murphy

"Welcome to Corpse Talk, the chat show with a difference - all of the guests are dead! Meet your host, comic book artist Adam Murphy, as he interviews eighteen ground-breaking scientists throughout history. Discover what happened to Galileo when he suggested that the Earth goes around the Sun, and why Archimedes jumped out of his bath and ran naked through the streets shouting "Eureka!" This graphic novel answers all your questions about the lives of famous scientists from history and introduces you to some you may not have heard of, such as brilliant dinosaur expert Mary Anning. Bold and expressive illustrations by Adam and Lisa Murphy bring historical events to life, literally, while humorous text makes learning about history and science fun. Full pageillustrations give more detail on the science behind the individual stories, with special features including a map of the Solar System, an illustration of a butterfly's life cycle, and a diagram showing how your body fights infection. There's even a fun science experiment that you can try yourself! Whether you're a budding scientist or just love a good story, this graphic novel will not fail to inspire and make you laugh."--

Queens & kings and other royal rotters by Adam Murphy

"Historical monarchs are interviewed from the grave in this hilarious children's graphic novel"--

Katie the catsitter, 2 : Best friends for never by Colleen A Venable

Twelve-year-old Katie now knows her neighbor Madeline is also the Mousetress, the city's most feared villain (or most misunderstood superhero), and she is ready to become the super sidekick she always wanted to be.

Sci-Fu. 2, It takes 2 by Yehudi Mercado

"Wax, aspiring DJ and sci-fu master-in-training, made it back safely from the alien robot planet of Discopia...He just wants things to go back to normal. Wax and his crew thought the robot trouble was behind them...Little does he know, there's a new villain in Discopia, and she'll do anything to take the crown from Wax...Wax is going to have to kick his hip-hop and sci-fu training into high gear...if he's going to have a shot at saving his neighborhood"--

Sort of super. 1 by Eric Gapstur

When his dad makes him hide his super powers, eleven-year-old Wyatt Flynn, going behind his back, decides to make a difference in the community and teams up with his little sister to fight crime.

Super Potato. 8, Super Potato and the soaring terror of the pterosaur by author Laperla (Artist)

Augusta Richly, the world's richest girl, wants a pterosaur, but when her father hires a villainous super-scientist to make it happen, the prehistoric creature escapes and only Super Potato can capture the winged lizard.

Blue, Barry & Pancakes, 4 : enter the undeground throwdown by Dan Abdo

"One day, Barry and Pancakes want to go to the beach. When they go to grab Blue though, they discover that he's already gone. He's searching for a legendary stone buried deep underground, and didn't invite his best friends to join him! Feeling hurt, Barryand Pancakes decide that they're going to beat Blue to the treasure, but they are totally unprepared for the danger that awaits them in the cave of the Jelly Gem"--

Have you seen the darkness? by Richard Fairgray

Told in alternating timelines, Dash and his friends try to use the Darkness to capture the monster they accidentally freed, while in 1994 sisters Mabel and Kasey come face-to-face with the shapeshifting creature their father is hunting.

Aru Shah and the end of time : the graphic novel by Joe Caramagna

Twelve-year-old Aru stretches the truth to fit in at her private school, but when she is dared to prove an ancient lamp is cursed, she inadvertently frees an ancient demon.

Sir Ladybug. 1 by Corey R Tabor

"Sir Ladybug never shies away from a quest, even when he'd rather be playing a video game or baking a cake. So when a caterpillar needs rescuing from a "monster" (a hungry chickadee), Sir Ladybug and his trusty friends--his herald, a roly-poly named Pell,and his squire, a snail named Sterling--hatch the perfect (delicious) plan"--

Housecat trouble, 1 by Mason Dickerson

When Buster, a timid housecat, discovers monsters in his home, he gets help from two street cats, Chauncey and Nova, to get them out before his owner returns from work.

Zeus and the thunderbolt of doom : the graphic novel by Joan Holub

Ten-year-old Zeus is kidnapped by the terrible Titans, merciless giants who enjoy snacking on humans, and when in self-defense he pulls a magical thunderbolt from a stone he begins an adventure to rescue his fellow Olympians from the evil Cronus.

Poseidon and the sea of fury : the graphic novel by Joan Holub

Young Poseidon must overcome his fear of the sea and its creatures to save a fellow Olympian.

Star the elephant by Remy Lai

"Star the Elephant and his herd are searching for a new home. But when Star is separated from his family, he must journey alone into the great unknown. He'll come face to face with giant spiders, the vast ocean beyond his island, and strange humans. Can Star find his way back to his family?"--

Enola Holmes : the graphic novels. Book one by Serena Blasco

"Fourteen-year-old Enola Holmes wakes on her birthday to discover that her mother has disappeared from the family's country manor, leaving only a collection of flowers and a coded message book. With Sherlock and Mycroft determined to ship her off to a boarding school, Enola escapes, displaying a cleverness that even impresses the elder Holmes. But nothing prepares her for what lies ahead

Persephone the phony : the graphic novel by David Campiti

Despite the warnings of her friends at Mount Olympus Academy, Persephone befriends bad-boy Hades, but following her mother's advice to "go along to get along" complicates her relationships with all of them.

Athena the brain : the graphic novel by David Campiti

Athena learns that she is a goddess when she is summoned to Mount Olympus by her father, Zeus, and she must quickly adjust to her new status, make friends with the other godboys and goddessgirls, and catch up with all the studies she missed while attending mortal school.

Unicorn selfies : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure by Dana Simpson

"Phoebe Howell and her best friend, the dazzling unicorn Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, have all kinds of exciting things planned for the summer. Their adventures include constructing a secret clubhouse with Phoebe's friend Max (enlisting the help of some magic pixies along the way) and preparing for a trip to Marigold's unicorn family reunion. Along the way, readers will meet all kinds of new characters, learn what magic spells are best avoided, and have all kinds of sparkling unicorn fun"--

Pup detectives. 7 : The Big Bad Woof by Felix Gumpaw

Rora and the other Pup Detectives work to stop an art heist and prevent Rider from being framed for the theft.

Mellybean and the villains' revenge by Mike (Children's author) White

"Melly and the cats must help the giant monster Narra reunite with his long-lost magical friends in order to defeat some old foes who have returned with a sinister new plan to take over the kingdom!"--

The Casagrandes 3 : Brand Stinkin New by Loud House Creative Team (COR)

Remarkably Ruby by Terri Libenson

Although Ruby and Mia used to be friends, they've grown apart as Ruby is not a joiner and likes to write poetry, while Mia is popular and wants to be class president, but they may have more in common than they realize.
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